The homestretch....

We have entered that wonderful homestretch of the school year.
Today is the last full day, then there are two short 1/2 days and then we enter summer vacation!
Nate has annual day today so he is off signing yearbooks and enjoying food, games and sunshine.
I am busy getting the end of the year gifts together for Spencer's teachers and keeping everyone on the straight for the next two day.
Not like Nate's shoe laces could have waited just two more days before they broke, causing a huge commotion this morning trying to find a spare pair around the house.
I have hope that nothing else will decide to go kerflooey in the next 48 hours.
*crosses fingers just in case.*
I have to admit that this year just flew by at lightening speed, unlike last year where it felt like a ball and chain.
So with another year successful school year over, we are looking forward to the warm summer days, summer grilling, visiting new places and sleeping in.

We have already started hanging out at the pool!

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