Closet Adventure....

Yesterday was simply too much fun.

Ha! Right...

No, yesterday was spent cleaning out our bedroom closet.

I'm still not sure what possessed inspired me to tackle that project.

It has been on my nerves for a bit of time (say, about 6 yrs) and yesterday the lucky day.

I found so many items stuffed into this tiny little walk in closet it was pretty amazing.

What did I find you ask?

Pictures galore, an old jumbo size building block from the kiddos, various papers, pens, crayons, mismatched shoes, dust, copies of my resume, my college degree and clothes that have not been worn since the dawn of time.

I was able to sift through all the items, some have been properly tucked away (where they should have been in the first place), some went to charity, some were just tossed out (those with no hope) and lastly a pile of pictures that need to be placed into albums (good summer project).

After 5 hours and a massive sinus headache, I was rewarded with a lovely organized closet that we can now walk into. *smile*

I have to say it was totally worth it but I will not be waiting another 6 years to properly clean it out.

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