Ugh.. Tired of the Bug Bites

I have had it this year with the mosquitoes and No See Ums
Mostly the No See Ums. 
First off I need to admit that I had no idea what No See Ums were.
That all changed when I was getting my hair done and was asked how I treat my No See Um bites.
Uh... mind churning at that point then the light bulb turned on.
I knew they were not mosquito bites because they always became red, swollen and itched like nothing I have ever had experienced before. 
It appears that I have an allergic reaction to the bites.
They swell, turn very hot and itch like no tomorrow for about 3 days.
Sheer insanity for me.
The worst part is that they are biting me in the same areas as before. 
I have tried so many items it is incredible.
Some make they itch more and others don't even touch the itch. 
My poor legs are not looking so hot right now.
I douse myself in bug spray and that sometimes helps but not always. 
If anyone has any words of wisdom on how to stop them and the itch let me know!

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