Sun Pickles


I had stumbled across someone who posted on a blog about making sun pickles.
Huh..never heard of them.
My mom canned every type of pickle growing up but never recalled a sun pickle.
This required a call and she had no clue as to what they were. 
No clue = a Mission for me
I did some research online and figured that I could make these!
I have to say they are so easy to make and the taste is so, so good.
They are sour, a bit salty, dilly, spicy.. simply wonderful.
I have made seven more jars since I whipped up my first batch three weeks ago.
Yes, they are that good. :)
I left the pickles outside in the sun three days with the first batch, four days with the second batch and 
days with my last batch. The only real difference I have noticed is that the pickles are softer 
(yes, I had to try a jar from each batch when they were done.) 
The items went to the top on the first batch but then settled down on the bottom after the first day.
So, if you want to give something different a try and enjoy a good pickle 
make some sun pickles!

The recipe I decided to use was from April's Cooking and Lifestyle Show blog.
Thank you, April!

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