It really works!

I found a recipe for Tub and Shower Magic on Pinterest - pinned and printed it out I knew exactly where I was going to give it a whirl.

Today was the day to give it a try. 
I sprayed the glass doors in the shower in the shower in the boys' bathroom. 

Sprayed on the cleaner and walked away for about 5 minutes. 
Back with a scrubby brush in hand and rubbed the glass.

Yeowsa! Soap scum was gone. 
I had my doubts but it really did work and worked really well. 
The door now sparkles. 

Quick and easy to make.
So, if you have some stubborn soap scum give the Tub and Shower Magic a try. 

Seriously this stuff rocks! 

Tub and Shower Magic

  • 12 ounces white vinegar
  • 12 ounces liquid, blue dawn detergent


  1. Heat vinegar in microwave until hot and pour into squirt bottle.
  2. Add the Dawn soap. Put the lid on and gently shake to incorporate.

  1. You now have a powerful cleaning product that will melt soap scum and tub and shower buildup, clean sinks, appliances and just about anything. Just spray it on, scrub, rinse and be amazed. For tough soap scum build-up, spray the mixture on and allow it to sit as long as overnight. Then, scrub and rinse.

    original recipe here
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