Wet Paint.....

I decided last night to start painting the trim in the boys' bathroom.
Went with the easy job first since there is not much trim in the room and would be dry by time kiddos went to bed.
One hour to paint the trim, not too bad!
Waited another two hours and warned them when they used their bathroom to be careful.
Paint was a bit tacky but they should be safe. *silly me*
I curled up in bed after the nice warning when I hear....
"Uh, Mom I sort of got paint on my shirt. Do you think you can you get it out? I have no idea how it got on there."
Inside I groan.
I swear - if there is any remotely semi wet paint Spencer will be wearing it.
He is like a magnet for the stuff.
Wonder if he can manage to get ceiling paint on himself today?

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