John Deere Make Over...

Symbol restored to original state - snazzy

One of the many hobbies my dad has is tinkering/restoring John Deere Tractors.

There is no other tractor but a John Deere to my dad. He spent weekends on his grandparent's farm growing up and yup, they only had a Deere.

He will not look at any other tractor/lawn mower/snow blower and we razz him all the time.
We were up in visiting in October when he unveiled the completed tractor.

A peek inside his 3 stall work shop - one area is all old tractors waiting to be worked on.

Putting a little touch up paint on before a big fall tractor ride. When he put the hood on (which did not want to go back on) a few tiny scratches occurred. :-(
Nate was there with a paint brush ready to assist and make it all better.

There she is in all her restored glory.
The pipe is not proper - I asked my dad why.
His reply, " I like the shiny one better, guess it's a bit of my teenager in me still. I have the correct one but this one looks better."
I had to simply smile.

From behind

My dad wanted the boys to drive it.
You can see here the hood was not on the tractor yet - that was done later that night.
Spencer was not thrilled with me snapping his picture but it was one for the memory book.

Nate loved driving the tractor.
Can you tell from the picture?

My dad ever so carefully parked the tractor after the long tractor ride.
I have to admit it was a tissue moment.
After many years of hard work (something like 5 yrs) and determination
he was able to see him dream completed.
It is restored to original condition, complete with the proper paint, stickers, tires and parts.

Nothing runs like a Deere.

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