Harbor Island, SC Fun...

Various sights I wanted to share from our trip in November to Harbor Island, SC.

Palmetto tree that greeted us outside out front door.

In the drive there were these beautiful colored sea glass "pebbles" that just made me smile.

Egrets were all around and could be found on the inlets by the homes.

A wood duck greeted us one morning, it was a lovely surprise. I had never seen one before and was thrilled to see one.

We were told that we might see an alligator - yeah, that was not what I wanted to hear.
This was one of the many signs that were posted by the inlets.
Er..ok it was odd at first but then we became adjusted to it.

This larger one was over by the pool/club house.
No, we did not see one and in the end we were a tiny bit disappointed.

Our mode of transportation to get to & from the beach it was about a 10 minute ride. :)

Our cute little beach house - love the door.

The view from the back of the house. There were fish always jumping it was pretty wild.

This was our holiday meal! Perfect in every way.

Loved these bikes that were parked by an entrance to the beach.

This fuzzy little crab scuttled out at us when we passed by his/her hole.

I will admit that it was pretty creepy.

Poor Teddy Boy - he seemed to be the king of sand burrs. He wanted to go and explore but was
rendered with at least a dozen every single time. I do believe that he was the one by the end who really wanted to go home. Poor fellow.

A lovely entrance to a beach area and reminded me a magical entrance.

Just a little view of our wonderful, relaxing vacation.

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