Sleep, Sleep and more sleep

This morning I was greeted to a knock at the door (10 am), I was still in my work out clothes (oops!) and my hair was wild.
The electric company was going to work on the transformer that leads to our house so we would be without power for an hour.
Eh, no biggie.
I opted to go outside and tackle the remaining leaves in the backyard eventually the boys joined me.
One hour later a nice chuck of leaves were removed and I could see the grass!
Then it was time to head in and rustle up some lunch for us.
I decided to take a thirty minute break after eating - bad move.
That thirty minute break turned into a three hour snooze on the couch.
I grabbed a throw, Teddy Boy curled up by me and I stretched out.
Yes, I was so comfy.
Three hours!
I knew that I did not sleep very well while we were away and I was a bit deprived on zzz's but not that much!
I'm still quite sleepy and will be hitting the hay early tonight.
My fingers are crossed that I will be able to get a bit more caught up on that oh so important sleep.
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