Argh..not now...

Things were going alright today.
I was able to pick up a few more gifts, mail off a package, received payment for
some oils I sold on Ebay, Spencer a hair cut and things were getting crossed off my list.
>deep sigh<
Don't worry though I am still buzzing around like a mad woman to get things all done before
*gasp* Friday!
We decided that we would treat ourselves by going out to dinner tonight and meet dh there.
The magical time arrived, the boys and I popped into the mom mobile, put up the garage door and backed out ready to have a nice Mexican meal.
I went to put the garage door down and it would not budge.
I could not recall hitting the lock button.
So, out went Spencer to see if he could fix the sensors (they sometimes will wiggle a bit so they are not lined up), he could not get them to light up.
I hopped out of the mom mobile to see what in the world is going on.
-meanwhile Nate is sitting there playing his Nintendo DS with his headphones on oblivious to all the hub bub.
I could not get the senors to line up, nor was the switch on lock, ran and threw the breaker for the door- still nothing. Found a ladder, climbed up the ladder, unplugged the bugger, plugged it back in and you guessed it - still nothing.
Our door opener bit the dust.
Not now.
No time to get it fixed before we leave.
It never fails.

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