They left our leaves...

Now over the past few weeks I have been raking our front & backyards to remove all the pesky leaves.

On a few occasions I have been able to rope dh and the boys to help me.

We are allowed to rake them to the side of the road, let the town come around and use their wonderful leaf vacuum truck to take them away.

There is a slight issue there is only one truck that covers the city limits.

The next issue is that our neighborhood has a lot of trees which means a lot of leaves and that means IMO they do not really like coming through here

I think our house has the most leaves, seriously.

Majority of the others have removed their trees from their property so their leaves are few.

I like our trees in the summer, can you say cool house?!

Right, now back to our leaf collection issue.

Each year the men normally come through once in November and then once again in December, to gather those last piles of leaves we all seem to have.

This year however there was no visit to collect our leaves and I had to rake back the piles twice. *grr!*

I have seen them around so I knew that eventually they would be in our development.

Today, today I heard the truck and my heart did a tiny little happy dance.

Finally they were coming for our leaves and we would have a bit of our yard back.

I heard them come down one side of the street, around the curve and head on down the road.

(They do have to turn around and head back towards our house.)

Then I heard the vacuum turn off in the distance.

Oh no!

They wouldn’t.

They couldn’t.

Could they?

They left the neighborhood!

I gave them the benefit of the doubt that they were going to unload the leaves and come back but after five hours of waiting I knew they were not coming back.

They did not touch one single leaf in front or on the side of our house.


I really, really hope they come back tomorrow and get these leaves otherwise I think they will be receiving a not so nice phone call.

Lisa36 said...

good morning sandy, I sure hope you are feeling better today and I hope they come and get those leaves. Keep in touch

always Lisa

Sandy said...

me too.
Umm.. do I know you?!

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