Pumpkin Cake Doughnuts - Baked

You know fall is in the air when you start baking with apples and pumpkin. 
I bought a donut mold last month just waiting for the right time to make some treats for the family.
Nip in the air = Perfect time 

I was a bit skeptical that a baked doughnuts would taste good but oh.my!
These doughnuts were very easy to make and so tasty.

The recipe stated that it would make 12 but I ended up making 21 (one happy camper).
The doughnuts were quite moist and full of pumpkin flavor.
The cinnamon and sugar topping added the right amount of sweetness. 

Grab your doughnut pan (or you can use a muffin tin) and whip up a delicious treat for breakfast.

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