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Beautiful View from Caesars Head

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9:15 PM

We were up and out of the house early today to head up to Caesars Head State Park not far from us.
 The leaves have turned and it was a perfect time to take walk in the woods. 
We timed our arrival just right before some groups arrived.

Perfect view of Table Rock

Such a beautiful view- we could see the morning fog rising below us.

So peaceful

Looking North - NC just on the horizon.

New Stairs to Devils Kitchen
The stairs used to be wooden with no handrails. 

Devils Kitchen - tight fit
Always gives me the creeps going through it.

Love the trees.

Stairs on our trail hidden by leaves.

Simply a wonderful morning to
 crunch the leaves
 enjoy the silence 
 take in the breathtaking view from Caesars Head.

Caesars Head Information >> here

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