New Driver and Mustang Dreaming...

Yes, we now have another permitted driver in the house.
I can't get over the fact that he can learn how to drive. 
(feeling old here)
Nate could have went for his driving test last year when he turned 15 but driving does not really interest him.
I can recall counting down the days, hours and minutes until I could get my license.
Now we have to get him behind the wheel of one of our cars and drivers ed lessons. 

Then he can go for a full license!
I can say we are kicking ourselves for not getting him his beauty last year.
He expressed a tiny bit of interest in this '65 Mustang Convertible 
 Until Now...
Heavy Sigh....
It was a great deal and of course has been sold. 
We are on the look out for another.

Just calling out for a new home. 

Still had the Pony.

Under the wraps... and looking good.

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