A Wonderful Piano Find...

$25 is all we paid for this beautiful Wissner Piano!
Not kidding!

DH mentioned that he had always wanted to learn to play the piano two weeks ago. 

Last weekend we were checking out or local Habitat For Humanity Resale store when we stumbled across this piano. 
DH was instantly drawn to it. 

  Normally do not take pianos we were made an offer we simply could not refuse.
The piano was kept in the same family for over 100 yrs - the woman who it had belonged to needed to move into assisted living. 
This piano was a gift from her aunt when she was 2 and of course it had belonged to the aunt previously. 
It needs a good cleaning (inside), a new hammer and a tune up but then she is ready to be played. 

We are still amazed that we paid only $25 but I am even more pleased that he has a wonderful Father's Day gift that he will really enjoy. 
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