New Puppy...

Let me introduce you to Sasha. 
Nate picked her out from a local humane society at the end of February.
(Notice how proud he is holding her.)
Since then nothing has been the same. :)

She is a cutie but can turn on a dime and be a handful to say the least.
We had her DNA tested and her results were quite interesting.
Purebred mix of  Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, (one parent)  German Shepherd and then a mix of Labrador, Pointer, Akita and Chihuahua (other parent).

Love this picture of her trotting around with a root that was pulled out - she thought she was hot stuff. lol

So tiny here.
She would blend into her pillow and we always asked where she was. 
Now.. she takes up a hole chunk of the pillow.

In April she had so much fun sniffing the azaleas that were blooming.
Unlike when she has a thrill of digging out the flowers and other items that may have an insect/frog 
that has caught her attention.

Growing up.
This was taken in May - she is getting much bigger. 
Now to get her on track with her behavior and listening.
She loves to shake hands and high five but forget the sit/stay/down/off...
they seem optional to her. I have been working with her for 3 months now and pfft... 
My fingers are crossed that one day we will wake up and things will click for her. 

How could you not love her? 
She is a bundle of HIGH energy but oh.so.loveable. 

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