Personalized Plate

I have had a wee bit of time on my hands and have been a tiny bit crafty. 
Personalized plates seem to be all over currently and I jumped on the band wagon.
There was an offer back in September from GroopDealz for a custom letter Monogram.
How could I resist?!?
About two weeks ago I had some time and was finally able to put it together.
I think it took me all of oh... 2 minutes to put together. 
Fun, easy and I love how it turned out.
Vinyl logo was $2.00 with shipping $5.50.
White Plate from Dollar Tree $1. 49 (tax included)
Plate Stand - Hobby Lobby  $2.99 ($40% off coupon used) $1.92
Grand Total: $8.91 <----- *squee*

I have to admit that I simply adore GroopDealz. 
Wonderful items at budget friendly prices. 
Check them out for yourself.

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