Fizzing Bath Salts....

I created this earlier this year - early fall to be specific and am finally getting a chance to post.

Really quite easy to make.

I found the jar at Wal-Mart, chalk and then the chalkboard sticker I purchased over the summer through GroopDealz. (I adore GroopDealz!) You can find the chalkboard stickers on Etsy.

Wash out container & dry well.
Use chalk to write what the jar contains and then carefully peel off the backing.
Place the prepared chalkboard on the jar.

Fizzing Bath Salt Recipe....

I had so many of the supplies left over that I figured why not make some fizzing salts.
2 cups of Sea Salt -I prefer the fine grain
1/2 cup citric acid
1/3 cup of Epsom Salts (good for aches and pains but can be omitted)
2-3 tablespoons of fragrance oil (must be body safe)

I like to mix the sea salt, epsom salt and fragrance oil first then add in the citric acid. 
Mix well and let air dry for a day. 
You can loosely place a piece of wax paper over top the salts to keep the dust out.

I made more than what is listed above as you can see in the pictures below. 

This is what I started to make my bath salts in (way too small) and
below you see what I ended up putting them in.

I know there are those who would yell at me for placing my salts in an 
aluminum pan because the fragrance oil could have a reaction.
 I have made them for 11 year and never once had an issue (knocking on wood). 

There you go- simple, easy and fun. 

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