School is finally over this for the year; actually it was finished a week ago. Hard to believe.
That leaves me now with a rising sophomore and a rising 7th grader - holy cow!Where does the time go?! Not to mention I feel old. This year was a challenge but a good challenge with excellent results. I have even learned a few words in Japanese through Nate who has opted for Japanese for his language. :D
Nate will be getting his beginners permit here at the end of July. In South Carolina you can apply for a drivers license when you are 15. I am so not ready to see him behind the wheel but it is another step we need to take. He was the child that never wanted to drive, he was always going to take a bus or walk to where he wanted to go. Now his tune has changed, he wants to drive.
Summer is here in full force. I am trying so hard to get an area in the yard cleared out and cleaned up. Not going as planned but farther along than previous tries. The Zoya grass just does not want to go away so I keep pulling it up and out hopefully I will have it all out soon. The boys are gearing up to head North for a few weeks to spend time with their grandparents. Looking forward to the peace and quiet that will settle into the house but then again I will miss them. Projects are lined up for when they are away fingers are crossed that they will all be accomplished.
Other changes may be around the corner but we will have to wait and see. One I am wrestling over is starting another soap business - this time dealing with cold process soaps, perhaps wax tarts, and body lotion. Time will tell.
I am again on the board for our local hockey team's booster club. This year I was elected the VP of Administration. Things went crazy nuts after the first of this year and I can finally relax before it all really picks up again in September. It was a learning curve to say the least with all that had happened and know that I do not want issues to arise as they did our first year. Yes, it was a learning curve a BIG learning curve. I stepped out of my comfort zone to become the VP last year and wow! I learned so much. A big lesson that I realized after the end of the year was that my family fell to second place and that is not going to happen this year. I enjoy helping organize activities, participating in helping the team, and meeting wonderful people. This next year is only going to be better.
I have had a very sad time just recently and I will share that in the next few days.
So, things here have been wild to say the least and blog time has been nil. I am so happy to be back posting and thrilled that my app to post via my phone worked!
I have recipes and places to share along with anything else.
That is what has been up with me.
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