Hagood Mill....

 We decided to take my in-laws up to visit while they were here over Memorial Day weekend to the Hagood Mill (on the National Historic Places Registry) in Pickens, SC.
The mill itself dates back to 1845 and they still use it to make products the second Saturday of each month. 
The water wheel was not turning since it was not a working weekend but it was still a beautiful sight to see. There is a cotton gin and blacksmith shop on the grounds. They also have two cabins on the grounds that show what it was like to live back then. There are activities that happen during different times of the year.

Entrance to the mill grounds - you can see some old grinding stones that line the way.
This is the first millstone in a line of stones as you enter the grounds.
Beautiful side view of the water wheel. Above you can see the flume that supplies the water.

The stream that flows right along the mill.
A cabin that was added to the site to show what the living was like in the county during that time period.
Lovely hedge of roses growing along the fence.
The Hagood Mill 

Tool inside the mill
The prices for products that are sold in the gift shop on site. We opted for the ground wheat so I can make some bread.
Tool cabinet inside of the mill.
Pretty purple flowers that are growing next to one of the cabins.

A chimney to one of the cabins that had stones incorporated into the side.
A great place to spend some time and travel back into time. 
We went a few years back when the mill was open and grinding and was great to see the finished product. 
There are picnic tables scattered about so pack a lunch and enjoy.

Check out more about Hagood Mill here and here.

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