Fast trip...

I had a fast trip back to PA over the past weekend to deposit two boys with their grandparents for a few weeks.
They are with my in-laws first for 2 wks and then with my parents for about 2 1/2 weeks.
The trip this past time was a killer... 10 hrs.. one way... two kids (12 &14), myself and a dog.
Normally I do not mind the trip but this last one ... tops the cake.
Traffic was insane both times.
Cars speeding 75+ mph to get around the guy on the side of you because they see a tiny opening, stopped traffic due to blasting zones (er, it is the summer now people - stopping during the heat of the day on a major interstate not a smart move). People walking hand in hand down the side of the interstate-no broken down car in sight.
Seriously it was nuts out there.
Today is my first day home all by myself.
I should be doing a jig, living it up but honestly, it is way too quiet.
Maybe the jig will be danced in a few days but really it is odd around here.
 Now to get tinkering with some white glycerin soap base and perhaps whip up a loaf or two of cold process soap.
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