Time to tell...

 *shudder* the dreaded Dr's scale
but perhaps not for much longer
So three weeks ago I found a new Dr. and I am thrilled that I have. She is wonderful!
I have never liked going to the Dr's ever but things just might be a changing now.
It was a routine visit for some rechecks of BP. Well, I approached her of the issue of my weight and how I simply struggle with it. She looked at me and said, " I believe you and know exactly how you feel. I just lost 60 pounds myself last year."  This admission by her totally blew me away and made me really tune into what she had to say. Hints were given on what I should try and how to keep myself from falling off the wagon. (Trust me I have fallen off one too many times.) 
She mentioned to me that we will try a few things and if the results are not forth coming then she will do some testing on me to get to the bottom of it all. *happy dance*
It is not easy but I am going full force this time to get this weight off of me once and for all. We went over what I ate and she stated she was impressed.  I can say that I do not eat chips, no ice cream(renders me ill), very little bread if any, no pretzels, sometimes cookies if I make them, and soda 2x per month. The problem is my love for cheese which I have since really limited *sigh* . With the bit of fine tuning of my portions over the past 3 wks I am now down 3 pounds - no exercise. 
I know, I know ... that needs to be added in and will be.
I am thrilled and log every last single item down in MyFitnessPal for my iPhone. (Love this app!)
This will be the year I shed this extra weight and get myself in shape. 
Plus, it feels good to get it out in the open. 
No, I will not be changing the format of my blog to a weight loss blog but I think from time to time I will share with you items that I enjoy on this journey.

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