Wearing many hats....

No, I'm not really wearing many hats but doing many jobs.

It is not easy and is starting to take it out of me.

Things are just go, go, go here and honestly I just want to stay.

Sleep is not going that well either for me.

Our older dog (Autumn) has kidney disease and suffering from stage 4 heart murmur which keeps me up most of the night. She has to go out twice during the night  and then needs her water. I sometimes think it is worse than when you bring a newborn home with the lack of sleep I get. Don't get me wrong I love her dearly (she's 17), but I would just like a bit of sleep. I tend to just doze off some days for 10-15 minutes in mid sentence - talk about embarrassing.

I would like to shake some of these hats off, kick off my shoes and just unwind.

Ah, well in time I am sure.

So, how are things in your life?
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