Falling by the wayside again...

So, here we are into April already.

Uh, how can that be?!

I have been incredibly busy with the boys and their school work, trying (but not doing so well) to keep the house & laundry somewhat done, going to home & away hockey games and yes, fumbling to get the yard ship shape since it is warming up here.

My poor blog has been left in the dust. *sniffle*

I had it all spiffed up and wham! everything just came to a head. I am learning that I need to schedule my time better than what I am currently doing so I can post. I miss posting. I miss writing and sharing. *sigh*

I did download an app that will allow me to post from my phone, thinking here that this will help me out a bit. :)

Be on the look out for a yummy yogurt muffin recipe that I tried two weeks ago (*gasp* seems just like yesterday)

Hope all is going well in  your neck of the woods and I shall be back soon with a lovely give away.
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