Real Bakery Bread At Last....

Finally after thirteen years we have a source for real bread.

Living in the South you learn to do without real good breads (I know this will offend many-sorry) that you can find in other regions of the US. DH and I will make a point to get good sub rolls and pumpernickel when we are back in the Northeast and sourdough on the West Coast

Good crusty bread loaded with flavor is just something that is so hard to find but no longer.

*throws confetti*

We would like to thank you Bavarian Pretzel Factory for deciding to open your doors up in our region and treating us to your wonderful foods.

Dh and I are thrilled with the breads we have purchased and the pretzels are simply the best!

We need to go and try a meal, those that I have seen there eating are really enjoying themselves and it looks/smells wonderful.

Check out their menu, see all the wonderful items offered and if you are in the area give them a try.

Bavarian Pretzel Factory

**Pictured above: pretzels with salt, German Rye Sourdough and Rye sunflower bread

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