Fun Shopping Finds

I am not really one who likes to go out shopping for clothes.

Sit me in front of a computer, let me surf all sorts of clothing sites and I am all over that.

This past weekend however it was a step outside the box moment for me.
We were out and had some time before we took in a movie so off we went into Old Navy.
I always find items for the kiddos but have never looked for myself.
These following items came home with me and I am thrilled that I decided to purchase them. :D

I absolutely love these cute Palmetto lounge pants they can be worn rolled up or left down. Two v-neck tops one exactly in this color (love it) and one in grey.
Last but not least these wonderful black yoga pants. They are oh.so.very.comfy.

Hmmm... perhaps clothes shopping is not all that bad.

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