Labeling Fun...

This is my new toy and I am having some labeling fun in the house. *grin*

Yes, I admit I am a tiny bit of a neat freak.

I can thank my grandfather for this trait; that man had everything nicely labeled and I thought it was so cool.

Yup, this is what my grandfather's label machine looked liked. I was never allowed to touch it but he would make me a few if I could prove I really needed that label.

Since that time I have wanted a label machine of my own but never wanted to pay the price.

Last month I was able to snap up this little gem for $14.99 & free shipping what a deal.

Now I will admit it has quite a few bells and whistles on it that will take me a bit of time to figure out.

I have labeled some containers in the kitchen that we never knew what was inside until opened, my coupon notebook (can never find it), some of DH's computer stuff.

There is a mountain of goodies just waiting to be labeled and I can't wait to tackle it all.

One tiny issue is it seems Spencer is also a label fanatic, he keeps asking me where it is and if he can play with it. Hmm.... wonder where he got that trait from?!

One may not be enough for this house only time will tell. :)

If your interested this PT-1090 is the one I have an absolutely love!

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