Robin Hood....

No, not the movie that is currently out but the BBC version of Robin Hood.

I have to say I was never much into seeing anything dealing with the story not even the Disney cartoon version.

We joined Netfix earlier this year and were thrilled when it was announced we would be able to stream movies/show through our Wii.

Nate was quite interested in watching Robin Hood and I had my doubts.

When we finally started to watch it, I realized just how entertaining it was and I could not wait to watch the next program.

What a wonderful series for the whole family.

We have all enjoyed seasons 1 & 2, unfortunately we have to request season 3 to be sent to us.

The good news is that we have the first CD of season 3 so we will get our Robin Hood fix tonight. *squee*

I highly recommend this series and you will not be let down one tiny little bit.

We may have discovered it a bit late but I am so happy we did.

*The show ran from 2006-2009 and if you would like check out the website BBC Robin Hood.

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