We are all enjoying our bicycles and go out a few times a week.

I have a son who has a need for speed.


You have to understand he never knew how to ride a bike until a few weeks ago.

Yes, really.

Never as a child did he want to ride his nice yellow BMX style bike nor for that matter did his big brother.

Now presented with new bikes they had no choice but learn.

Since Spencer has learned to ride .... he has two speeds fast and super sonic!

Seriously, he will start out going fast then he just takes off.

Poof! He is gone.

When we finally catch up to him, he has a blank stare like where we have been?

Jeez, I'm puffing away and sweaty when we meet up and bam! off he goes again.

There is no slowing him down and I think I now have my own personal trainer through my son.

This need for speed should prove to be quite interesting over the long haul.

Photo courtesy of djcodrin

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