Sites from a weekend ride...

DH and I have been taking our new bikes out for spins and loving every minute of it.

This past weekend we took our bikes to ride a trail over by Furman University and then decided to take a tiny short cut and ride by the lake on campus.

It was so quiet, warm and lovely.

I enjoyed watching the swans paddling around and even witnessed one taking flight.

The topper of the day was seeing a black swan, I have never seen one until that day.

Simply beautiful!

DH snapped the pictures for me with his phone because I was simply enjoying the bike ride.

Linda said...

Looks like a great place to ride a bike. It looks flat-I like that.

Sandy said...

Hi Linda,

It is a wonderful place to take your bike and ride. The trail for the most part is flat, there are a few areas that have a slight incline but no hills. :) I'm not a fan of hills. lol..

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