What a trip....

The boys, dogs and I did arrive in Pa last night safely.
Dh had to stay home, work and hold down the house for us.
Eleven hours from door to door - s.o. v.e.r.y l.o.n.g
I would have to say it is a trip that will go down in the memory books.
45 minutes to go 5 miles on I-85 (working on the road)
20 minutes to go 1 mile over a bridge in Va during an inspection
Dogs with really bad gas (enough to make one cry)
One Dog deciding to get sick over the dog blanets
One very hyper/gigging 10 yr old
One 12 yr old that was glued to his Nintendo DS the whole trip
We are relaxing today. :)
I will blog when I can and pictures to follow when I return home.

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