Transformers 2 - Revenge of the Fallen - Movie Preview

Ah, Transformers.
I can remember when they first came out in the 80's, the boys I used to be a nanny for had them and would play with them all the time.
Then flash forward to my boys in the late 90's who just had to have them.
Nate liked the Autobots and Minicons.
Spencer he was all about the Deceptacons - Starscream & Unicron we his tops.
They could transform them in a blink of an eye, me, not.so.much.

They have the old movie ('86) and the old cartoons on DVD which they loved to watch day in and day out. Then they watched the "new" cartoons on Cartoon Network, they could not get enough of them.
Then the time came when they slowly grew out of the phase but deep down inside of them they still like the Transformers.
(A jumbo-yes, jumbo tote is up in the attic full of them.)
When the first Transformers movie came out (2007) they were not really into it but Dh really wanted to see it, off we went.
It was great.
No it was sitting on the edge of your seat great.
Then they stated to talk about and forward to the next one.
Wait no more my friends!
The release of Transformers 2 - Revenge of the Fallen will be released on 6.24.09!

Official Website for Transformers 2 - Revenge of the Fallen

Yet said...

Umm Hello! I love that movie and I just watched the trailer and my world is blown! I'm sorry but i think the first was better then any super hero movie I've ever seen (maybe not spiderman 2 or Xmen 2) and I can't wait for the second. I'll be in Quebec but I'll still go to see it...i hope they don't play it in french! I'll be so angry!

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