Loving the new wheels....

So, last month I was at the dentist for my six month cleaning.

Not a big deal really but it turned into a big deal, one we were so not expecting so quickly.

You see the mom mobile was having a bit of an issue once we returned back from picking the boys up from PA.

I had the transmission flushed before we went because she was running so hot before we left. I was told that there was quite a bit of water in it...not good.

Once we got back she was acting really funny, stalling, bucking and still running super hot. Grrrr!

Now, these issues would only appear when I drove which did not help matters any.

Now.. here I am driving to the dentist's office and I am having oodles of issues with the car as get closer to the office.

Crossing my fingers I was able to make it there, park the car, notice the awful metal burning scent from the front *try to ignore it* and get into the office.

Teeth cleaning went well, no cavities and I was free to go.

Hop in car, she turned over, backed out, pulled forward and then the unthinkable.

The car died.

I was able to throw it into drive and let it coast into a parking spot.

DH arrived about an hour later, I was able to sit in the lovely 103 temp and fall to pieces.

AAA arrived about an hour after DH picked me up and we had her towed to our local Dodge dealership.

Turned out the transmission was pretty well shot and to replace it was really equal to a nice down payment on a new car.

Earlier than we wanted (we were hoping to get a new car in Dec.) and sort of in a bind it was time to work with the dealership on a new car.

We ended up with a car neither of us expected.

I was thinking Mazda CX8 or Tribute neither of those did not do anything for us. We tried the new Dodge van and were really impressed and came this ** close to buying one but....
in the end we bought a PT Cruiser.

I know, really.

It is a really, really fun car to drive and easy to load up the groceries in the back. We have added a hitch to tote around our bikes and I have a moon roof now!

The goal is let Nate have the car in three years since he will be off to college then. *gasp* He is looking so forward to driving this car next year (in SC you can learn to drive when you are 15) me not so much.

So, now I have a new zippy mom mobile that I really love. :-))

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new 'Momobile'! We hope you enjoy it!

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