Completed Penn State Room...

Just to refresh your memory *click me* I was down and almost out in getting Spencer's bedroom

done before we had to go North and bring them back home.

I was working right down to 5 hours before we left, the white trim was painted, curtains up and walls completed.

He is quite happy with the way how it all has turned out and I am more than thrilled.

My only wish would be for him to let me place the season schedule poster on his wall but he is

not going for it at all. *sigh*

So, here is the transformation:

The military themed room.

Walls all primed and ready to be painted with the dark blue.

Painted and a little rearranged.

No PSU room would be complete without a wonderful neon light!
*Thanks Dad!*

We Are Penn State!!

~ Michelle ~ said...

Hello - the Penn State room looks fantastic. I am in the process of re-doing / re-painting my husbands office. He is currently deployed and I think this will make an awesome surprise for his return home. I am having an awful time finding the right color blue for the walls though. Would you please be able to tell me what color blue - and possibly what brand of paint you used ? thanks so much!!!

Sandy said...

How wonderful and what an excellent surprise! I used Glidden Gripper Grey prime (this really does help the color to deepen and come out right. I am not one to prime bu this time I did.)
I used Glidden NCAA Color paint - PSU Navy & just a regular nice white trim by Glidden. You can purchase the paint at The Home Depot. The paint is very easy to use and goes on without a hitch. The navy is the true PSU blue. :)
Good luck and would love to see the outcome.

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