Not the Basket....

I never, ever knew that this basket was so important.

I know we used to keep baby books, then small toys and lastly stuffed animals.

With cleaning out rooms and taking items to Goodwill I thought I would take this basket since we really have not used it in about a year.

There I am with basket in hand ready to go out the door when I hear Nate's voice.

Nate: "Uh, what are you doing with that basket?"

Me: "Taking it to Goodwill. Why?"

then another voice chimes in...

Spencer: "Not the basket. We have like had that forever. Really, how can you take it away?"

Nate: "I thought we could use it some place."

Stunned. Shocked.

I simply mumbled out," Ok, looks like it stays."

Who knew?!

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