Two puppies.
We have two puppies.
Squabbles galore when together.


What a way to start a new year.
Not what I expected to say the least.
We tossed the idea around of a Bulldog since Spencer is a HUGE UGA fan.
Then he asked for one.
There was a tiny $$ issue.
He has really never asked for anything.

Enter in the Beabull.
A Beagle/English Bulldog mix.
He thought they were so cute.
They are.

Go for one.
End up with two.
DH could not resist one.
Call it his midlife crisis.

They are 9 weeks as of today.
We have had them since they were 6 weeks.
Way too young to be taken from mom.
Poor little fellows.

I miss my sleep.
No, I really miss my sleep.
When one is up the other is sleeping and then it flips through the night.
We have yet to make it through the night.
Up two times.
I know this shall pass but the lack of sleep is starting to take a tole on me.

Yeah, they do that.
A lot.
Working on this issue.
No yappy dog in my house.

Elder dogs.
One (Sasha) is thrilled.
Her own play toy. lol
Though she needs to learn when to stop playing.
One low growl and they know who is boss.
Fingers crossed they all get along.
And soon.

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