Mixing it up with Soy Wax

Sharing some more soy wax experience - just may help someone.

I like to make my own soy melts and I have to say that I have been able to create some darn good ones.


I wanted some with lasting power. Those that I could burn a bit today and still have fragrance left for tomorrow. I plowed through various websites to gain more information on what I could do. I like working with soy and did not want to give that up. What I found was to use a mix of a soy wax and a parafin wax. Now, my job was to figure out the ratio I wanted to use and the other wax.

I had settled on KY Para-Soy  &  KY 133 Votive Tart Wax as the two I would use.

What I decided upon was an 80/20 mix of the two waxes. I wanted to create a wax that would give me a longer throw and I seemed to have found what I was looking for. I created oh, about 12 batches with the 80/20 mix and had great success with it. (woot!) I wanted to make sure that I had found what I was looking for and I did some batches (4?) with a 90/10 mix and it too worked but I wanted that longer 2 day burning experience. I am using about a 7% -  8% fragrance load in the wax and having wonderful success. :-)

To test your product! I can't stress this enough. What works for me may not work for you. Test, test, test.

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