Pink Lemonade Pie - TastyKake

I found this sweet treat last month when we were picking the boys up to return home.
You have to understand that I am not really a big pie fan. 
Sure I will eat a slice of pumpkin or apple (filling first, always) but nothing more.
This little pie caught my attention and simply had to try it.
Plus, it's a Tastykake and nobody can resist a TastyKake. :)

Nice look at the top.

The inside of the pie.

So, what did it taste like?

The crust was very good. 
Flaky, buttery, and so good.
The inside tasted just like pink lemonade!
Really, Really. 
I was thrilled that I picked it up and gave it a try.
My only regret was not picking up a few more to bring home. 

Brandi said...

Boy do I miss Tastycakes. Wawa hoagies too. But most of all soft pretzels. I can't wait til my next visit to NJ so I can enjoy some of the foods I miss the most. Thanks for stirring up some good-food memories!

Sandy said...

Thanks, Brandi! Mmm..WaWa hoagies. I have to agree those soft pretzels are killer and you can never go wrong with getting one or two or... :)

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