Sights of Athens, GA

On Black Friday we piled into the car and headed to see the sights of Athens, GA. 
Dh and I had visited over the summer and wanted to go back and share the lovely town with the kiddos.
 Plus, it was a great way to show Nate a college without really trying. *grin*
The town is so lively and the university is beautiful.
Just a few pictures of various sights that caught my eye that day.

I love this sign!

Just a glimpse of a street downtown. 

The history of The University of Georgia. Click to open it up.

The Chapel Bell - beautiful
Sanford Stadium - home of the Bulldogs

Beautiful leaves were all over the campus in the bright fall sunlight.

Too cute of a sign to pass up. 
This flower was on the side of one of the buildings - beautiful.

A gem hidden behind the trees.

We had such a great day strolling around town and campus.
We even brought Teddyboy who  had just as much fun as the rest of us.
By the time we arrived home Spencer has decided that he is now a Univ. of GA fan and promptly placed his requests for clothing items for Christmas.
Gotta love it!

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