Boo the Zamboni Driver?

Yes, the story is true and we are still having a good chuckle over it a week later.

Setting: Hockey Game right before the third period.

The zamboni was on the ice cleaning it getting it ready for the third period.

We were sitting in our seats up high and some of DH's friends (they play in a local recreational group) joined us.

Zamboni man was zipping around but we noticed a few little areas that had been missed around the goal area.

Next thing...

BOO! Loud and clear in a pretty quiet arena.


Uh...yeah...so people are looking all around to see who booed the zamboni driver.

Then we hear the conversation between the two friends behind us:

Mr. C: " You just didn't boo the zamboni driver?"

Mr. R: "Yes, yes I did."

Mr. C: "You don't boo the zamboni driver."

Mr. R: "Well, I'm not taking it back and it is going to bother me all night long. I'm a little OCD the ice has to be perfectly clean."

Mr. C: "It's going to help the goalie."

Mr. R: "I don't care, it's not done right."

Seriously, it was quite funny in the end for they were both so very serious over the whole conversation.

One for the books that is for sure. :D

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