A Cup of Water...

Alright, last week I had to take the boys to a hotel for them to take the state writing test.

(They do virtual schooling which meets all of the state standards which also means that they need to take the state tests.)

Right... so I went outside and enjoyed the brilliant sun, read my book and enjoyed a little bit of me time. :)

When 3:00 o'clock arrived Spencer and I made our way over to where Nate was testing. Parents gathered around, signed out their children and waited.
No big deal.

It was a semi tight area but more than enough room for all to move about and get to where they needed to be.

That was until one parent stopped dead center to chat with another and their children joined them.

There was not a lot of room and people were bumping into one another, which means something was going to happen.

The one mother holding a cup of water was bumped and it splashed ice and water all over the floor. This woman apologized to her daughter and the other parent then.....

she told her daughter to cut behind the table and out the back door.



The other parents stood around looking at the water and talking about it.

Uh... right...

Off I went to the front desk and asked for someone to mop up the disaster before someone fell.


It really bugged me that the parent left when all she had to do was go to the front desk and ask for someone to clean up the water.

How long does it take?!


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