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It's Clean!!!


Can you see the carpet?

It must be going to snow. (a saying my dad would use when we surprised him doing something.)

I was stunned this morning when Nate said to me that I just might be surprised.

I gave him a blank look and then it hit me.

OMG! He cleaned his room up.

(Shame though, I was going to take a picture of just how bad it looked to blog a before and after.)

His room was always spotless as a youngster, everything always had to be picked up, placed in the right spot and he made his bed.

*shakes head*

What happened to that person?

Oh! That pile of shorts in the back corner was made by me as I sorted through all of his stuff to be washed.

The books however have been there since the last day of school (6/5) and more than likely they will remain there until it starts back up again in a few weeks.

Ah… children.

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